Our wellness services provide our clients with top of the line products and treatments which create peace/balance and health.

  • Young Living Essential Oils. These are high-grade therapeutic oils which aid in healing all areas–physical, emotional, spiritual.  Essential oils can be used on the outside/inside of the body, used to clean your home and for adding healthy aromas to your surroundings.       
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  • Amethyst BioMat– This is a thermo-electrotherapeutic device for enhancing your immune system by generating far infrared rays and negative ions for your health.  It utilizes amethyst and tourmaline crystals to further enhance the therapeutic effect.  It helps to reduce pain of all types, increases energy, reduces depression and reduces cancer cells.
  • Lifewave Patches – These self-adhesive patches utilize the principles of Oriental Medicine and needless acupuncture to gently stimulate points on the body that have been used to balance and improve the flow of energy in the human body for thousands of years.  The result is a natural way of improving the quality of your health and providing dynamic anti-aging effects without any drugs, stimulants or needles.  This is accomplished by working with your body, not against it. They assist in : improving energy *relieve pain* sleep better*reverse aging* lose weight*heal rapidly*detox*reduce stress.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.